How to buy from the store?

1- Add your products to the cart
Choose the product you want to buy from Mahatat store, specify the required quantity, and then add it to the cart.
2- Review the basket and proceed to purchase
By pressing the Add to Cart button, the product will be added to your product basket, and you will receive a message with two options: Continue shopping or go to your shopping cart or press Continue so that you can browse the products, and if you want to finish and move to payment, press Go to your shopping cart.
3- Log in or register
You can, anywhere on the store, review your shopping cart and confirm the products that you have chosen, as well as know the total basket, and if you want to finish and move to payment, click on complete the purchase.
4- Complete the bill and address information
You will go to the registration page and you must click on Register (1) if you did not register previously, or Log in (2) if you previously registered.
5- Choose the payment method
Complete filling in the data as shown in the picture, making sure that all data is accurate so that you are not late or suspended your requests. And then press CONTINUE.
6- Review the application and payment information
Choose from the list the desired payment method: credit card: Visa or MasterCard, or bank transfer, or cash on delivery.

7- Complete the purchase process and track the shipment
After completing the purchase process, you can track the shipment through your order code.

What are the shipping steps?

The shipping steps are:
1. The buyer prepares a purchase requisition and assigns it to the cart.
2. A group of order-handling employees in the warehouse checks the order to ensure that it is correct, fulfilled and shipped.
3. A list that includes stock locations and handling times is forwarded to whoever will schedule the collection of order and shipment items.
4. The order and shipment items are collected and prepared in the appropriate place at the loading dock.
5. A bill of lading is prepared and then the orders or orders are loaded onto the means of transport, and the driver signs the receipt and responsibility for this shipment.
6. Copies of the packing list shall be distributed along with the bill of lading.

What is the benefit of comparing products on the store?

Comparison of products depends on a detailed comparison between products or more than one product side by side, which makes it easier for the customer to choose products and services with ease and distinguish between the features of each product